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Many people in the world today may think it crazy to say or even believe that there are prophets and apostles who actually exist. Not just a man who claims to have extraordinary gifts/talents or someone who is able to prophesy but,  a man, who in realit, reveals God‘s will to his children on earth. Elder David A. Bednar is an apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ. Just like in times past, there are Apostles and Prophets today. Apostles today do the same things that Apostles did in the past.Elder Bednar mentions that he is an ordinary man who carries an extraordinary responsibility. I know that the Lord works through men on Earth today.

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Now, I want to let everyone out there who reads this to understand a little something. This is my first ever blog post. So, all you blogging geniuses and blogging gurus out there, give me a break. Let me know what I can improve on. Thanks. I’ll take constructive criticism.

A while back, I received a letter from a friend of mine. This friend shared with me a little bit about their current life’s experiences. They shared about how they had gone on a couple of vacations here and there. They wrote about their crazy college life and ridiculously hectic schedule of theirs. This person expressed how their family was doing and about some of the goals that they had in their life. Then, at the very end of their letter, something was written that spoke sweet songs of melodious  joy to me. Now, the very reason that this was so overwhelming for me was because what was written was a few simple thoughts  that I’ve seen change other’s lives on a constant and continual basis. Not something that I’ve just read about in books and heard about from the neighbor next door but, something I really have experienced and have witnessed. Something that, when understood, works miracles. The letter concluded like this: (I paraphrase) Why do we have such high standards and morals? Why do we attend church for three hours every Sunday? Why do we keep trying to walk on a path that is so hard to follow? Even when it seems like everything and everybody in the world around us is mocking  us and pointing  fingers at us telling us we’re wrong and trying to pull us off of the path that we know… why then, oh why then do we still walk that path?  I’ve found out that the answer is very simple. HAPPINESS! Those things point us toward Christ. Those are the things that will really make us happy.

I can also tell you that happiness can be found as the teachings of Jesus Christ are being applied in our lives. There are so many other influences that would tell us peace, joy, and happiness are found elsewhere. But, as we truly and sincerely make an effort to do the things that he would have us do, that is when we are blessed with his love and his joy which is true love and true joy. True love and joy that can only be found through Him.

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